About Us


AVAL is continuously adapting to the constraints and the requirements of a continually evolving market.

Our strength today, lies in our reliability, experience and expertise in the various fields and industries we supply.


AVAL continuously aims to position itself as the leading distributor of industrial equipment and supplies, by always offering a wide range of products to all of its retailer clients across Morocco.

In order to avoid any form of competition with its own clients, AVAL has made it one of its key policies to sell its products exclusively to retailers.

Clients relationship managment

Our core strategy is based on client management and relationship development.

The client system we have in place allows us to continually refine our partnerships in order to develop long-term relationships based on common values of loyalty and transparency.

Our sales representatives cover all of Casablanca, as well as northern and southern Morocco. AVAL is committed to sell exclusively to established retailers and not to their direct customers.


Mr. Mohamed Bennani first established AVAL in 1991.

Mrs. Serge GAROZZO and Patrick GAROZZO joined him in 1995 as two new associates.

Initially, AVAL only specialized in the field of fastening. Over the years however, it strengthened its position and grew to become a market leader in the distribution of general industrial equipment and supplies.

In 2015, Mr. Anass Bennani joined the management of AVAL to consolidate its leadership in the field of industrial supply in Morocco.