Product Lines


Grinding wheels, mounted points and abrasive discs manufactured with the best technological solutions.

Industrial brushes

Versatile and flexible solutions for all industrial processes.

Power tools

Top technology including longer life power, cutting edge innovation and reliable mechanics.

Hand tools

More than 600 references designed to improve performance and withstand shocks and stresses from all types of work.

Plumbing tools

The full range of tools for plumbers, heating engineers and air-conditioners...

Measuring tools

Our measuring tools adapt to every need, reading angles or checking aliginments and geometric date.

Welding & Consumables

Welding stations or electrode holders, nozzles, rods and even electrodes... Everything you need to weld or split metal.

Industrial wheels

A large selection of industrial wheels at the best value for money.

Fastening & Clamping

Wide and diversified range ranging from hose clamps to anchors, including chucks and tapping tools...

Sealing & Adhesives

Complete and diversified range of adhesives for sealing, dedicated to building applications.

Industrial markers

Innovative high performance markers suitable for all industrial sectors.

Drilling tools

Extensive selection of drill bits and accessories for all metal types.

Ladders & Platforms

Ladders, work platforms and scaffolding allow stable working at all heights.

Industrial lighting

We offer rational and high-performance lighting solutions to guarantee the safety of workers on construction sites.


Pipe systems for different areas of application.